Slat conveyors are used for transporting standing paper rolls.
They also serve as mechanised storage sections in the buffer and preparation store sector.

The slat conveyors with 950mm wide pallets are built in lengths of up to 6m. Several sections are arranged one behind the other to cover a longer section. A wide range of tasks can be solved in combination with moving trolleys, turntables and downender / upender. The slat conveyor is driven by a hollow shaft gear with frequency converter. Photocells and detectors monitor the distance between the left-behind rollers and the end positions. The pulse coded function control serves for monitoring the movement of the conveyor and the transported objects. The slat conveyor can be optimally integrated as an automatic roll storage system. The conveying direction can also be reversed.


Transfer cart with built-on slat conveyor for standing rolls

The moving trolley is employed as a repositioning device between different plate conveyors. If a new roll is stored in the system the moving trolley also performs the centrering of the roll. The moving trolley comprises a steel frame with running rollers plus a slat conveyor with 950mm wide cast pallets. The trolley runs on a track which also contains the necessary end-stopper. The power is supplied via a cable drag chain. Depending on the installation location the trolley is also fitted with contact rails or laser scanners for safety purposes. Photocells and detectors are installed for the accurate positioning of the trolley at the receiving or transfer points and to safeguard the enabling for cross-transport.


Turntables with built-on slat conveyors permit 90° direction industrielle changes for conveying system swith standing paper rolls.

Turntable with Slat Conveyor

The slat conveyor is mounted on a stable slewing ring bearing with a drive for the 90° rotation. The drive motor control takes place via a frequency converter permitting a gentle acceleration and deceleration of the rotary movement and the accurate approaching of the positions. The standard slat conveyor can be integrated into fully automatic roll storage systems.


Drehscheiben mit aufgebautem Plattenbandförderer erlauben 90° Richtungswechsel für Transportsysteme mit stehenden Papierrollen.

Drehscheibe mit Lagerlamellenförderer

Der Plattenbandförderer ist auf einem stabilen Drehkranzlager aufgebaut mit Antrieb für die 90° Drehung. Die Steuerung des Antriebmotores erfolgt über Frequenzumformer was ein sanftes Beschleunigen und Verzögern der Drehbewegung und ein präzises Anfahren der Positionen erlaubt. Der Standard -Plattenbandförderer lässt sich in vollautomatische Rollenspeicher-Systeme integrieren.