Turntables installed in ramps extend the function of roll stores and their connection to conveying systems.

Roll Ramp with Turntable

The turntable consists of a stable base frame with rotary drive and the rotary platform with pneumatic roll stopper. The platform is provided with an incline which permits its incorporation into a ramp section.

Function description

The paper roll arrives at the turntable from a ramp section. This permits the transfer of the roll under 90° on to a further ramp section or a conveyor section. The turntable forms an integral part of the ramp and is also combined with this for control purposes.


The reel ramp acts as an automatic storage unit. When working with several reel widths several ramps can be assigned as appropriate. Transport systems can be automatically loaded with the preselected reel widths.

Roll Ramp

The packed reels are delivered to the end of the ramp by means of a clamp truck. The first reel stopper receives the reel, the proximity switch incorporated in the stopper arm permitting a gentle braking of the reel. A set of alignment rollers incorporated in the ramp ensure that the reels are positioned on the ramp exactly aligned. If a buffer space is free the stopper arm is lowered and transfers the reel to the next position. 1 3 reels can be held per stopper depending on the size of the reels. Ramps are realisable with 3 -12 reels. The pneumatically controlled reel stoppers have three positions. The reel is intercepted in the extended position, held in the central position and is free for onward transport in the lowered position. For safety the central position is mechanically blocked; this is to prevent reels rolling away uncontrolled in the event of an interruption to the compressed air or the electrical control. At the bottom end of the ramp the reels are automatically loaded on to the conveyor system by means of a reel stopper loading device. This takes place with the apron conveyor running, the MecaRoll reel truck being stopped in order to load the reel as centrally as possible.

The ramp comprises the following elements:

  • Fixed stop for clamp truck
  • Ramp, either in steel construction or in concrete
  • Pneumatic reel stopper
  • Reel stopper loading device