Scope of supply

We supply transport and storage installations for rolls for use in the graphic arts, gravure printing and converting industries. All of the components used in these installations are developed in partnership with Witech Maschinen AG. Starting from a specification, each project is designed to identify the most economical solutions while making the best use of the latest technology and ensuring compliance with current standards through an in-depth risk assessment. Joint vR handling/Witech services cover everything from preliminary studies to final on-site installation; we have all the necessary expertise in the mechanical, electrical and management/automation fields. This means we can design transport and storage installations for any sector.

For installations supplied by vonRoll, Valmet, Metso Paper and vR Systems, our vR handling after-sales service can provide the following services:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Retrofitting and updating to meet current standards
  • Periodic servicing
  • Hotline

We use our own metal-working, machining and assembly workshops (mechanical and electrical) to produce these installations. In addition, as a subcontractor, we manufacture a wide range of products for the machine industry, heat treatment furnaces as well as specialist and military components. We can process various materials to produce components from a few kilograms up to several tons.