Truck's Unloading

  • Automatic Truck Unloader TU-A

Vertical Reels

  • Slat Conveyor for Storage TP95/08
  • Transfer Cart CT-TP95/08-P
  • Turntable with Slat Conveyor PT-TP95/08


  • Downender / Upender RV

Horizontal Reels

  • Apron Conveyor TP30-40
  • Automatic Reel Loading TP30-08
  • Lifting and aligning station E, EA
  • Loader with pneumatic control DC3-140
  • MecaRoll
  • Push-off Device EJS
  • Turntable with Apron Conveyor PT-TP30/08


  • Roll Ramp RP
  • Roll Ramp with Turntable PT3-BE