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vR handling technology with a future

Our company is active in the development and in the manufacturing of reel handling installations, mainly for newspaper printing. Starting from May 1, 2013, we will extend our activities in other lines of industry. To reach this goal, a partnership was established with the Swiss company Witech Maschinen AG.

Witech is a manufacturer of reel handling equipment and plants for the reel processing industry and has over 20 years experience in this field. Its facilities will complete the well-developed product range of vR handling, what will allow you to enjoy our commonly completed and efficient services.
Therefore, we suggest you to contact directly the address below for your new installations or extensions of existing reel logistics plants:
Witech Maschinen AG                    Tel. +41 44 972 28 80
Hofstrasse 99                              Fax +41 44 972 28 81
CH - 8620 Wetzikon             

vR handling (a company of vonRoll infratec group) will remain commercially and technically your connecting partner for maintaining and retrofitting of your existing plants, both electrically and mechanically. Our contact details remain the following:
vR handling sa                             Tel. +41 32 421 76 76
rondez 17                                    Fax +41 32 421 78 97
CH – 2800 Delémont